Our Curriculum Intent

Through teamwork, the curriculum at St. Mark’s is designed to support children to achieve and succeed in all areas of school life within a welcoming, safe and caring environment. We aim to raise our pupil’s aspirations and prepare them as confident, unique, hardworking, trustworthy and happy citizens, through developing a sense of community and respect for one another regardless of individual backgrounds.

Being part of the Christian family, our curriculum is also designed to help develop our school’s Christian mission statement and values, which are all linked to a key Bible story, and to fulfil the Church of England’s vision for education, including the recognition of Jesus’ promise of ‘life in all its fullness’. Moreover, our church school vision and curriculum develops our children spiritually and our school’s definition of spirituality is: Reflecting and connecting with something bigger than myself. For example, through our Bible studies and learning, we reflect on how we can develop individually in order to become better neighbours, who treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves and take care of our environment.

We believe that following Jesus’ example, helps us feed our children with wisdom, knowledge and skills because these strong morals, helps prepare our children to achieve the highest academic standards at the end of Key Stage 2 whilst also preparing them to be world citizens of the 21st century. We build children’s aspirations, demonstrating possibilities for their future lives. We recognise RE as a core subject and we follow ‘Understanding Christianity’ in addition to a broad multi-faith curriculum. Our school’s charitable work and fundraising seizes every opportunity for our children to be courageous advocates.

Our Curriculum Implementation

Our Curriculum Impact