Education of the highest quality

Our vision is that children, staff, parents and governors work actively in partnership to enable every child to achieve their full potential.

Our Aims

  • For children to work as independent learners and thinkers
  • To inspire a love for learning
  • To provide a relevant, rich and creative curriculum for all
  • For children to value themselves and others
  • To develop a sense of belonging to our community

School Rules

  • We are kind, caring and friendly
  • We respect each other
  • We remember good manners
  • We are thankful
  • We are honest and trustworthy
  • We forgive
  • We show compassion
  • We try our best
  • We never give up

Everyone has the right to:

  • Feel safe, cared for and valued
  • Be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and to develop whatever skills, interests and talents he/she possesses
  • Be treated equally irrespective of gender, race, physical characteristics or any other factors
  • Learn and play confidently and independently

Everyone is expected to:

  • Be responsible for their own behaviour
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Share our values
  • Be resilient and try their best
  • Be an independent learner